Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Body After Baby Week 4 recap

OK, time for my recap of Week 4 of the Body After Baby Challenge at Mama Notes.

I'm starting to feel like a broken record!

Well, actually, this week WAS a little better than the past two. I still suck at tracking my food, but I do kind of have an idea of what I should be eating in a day. And I still suck at snacking on not-so-great stuff in between.

Now I know what you might be thinking: Don't keep junk in the house! Well, I do have a little Halloween candy and stuff around but the things I snack on are often not necessarily junk, just high in calories. Like walnuts or almonds. We keep bags of those around because they're REALLY good for you... in moderation! I make Hubby some little containers of trail mix to take in his lunch every day. The problem is, if we have some left over, I will stick my hand in the bag every time I walk by and those calories add up fast! I wish I had a vending machine to keep certain snacks in and only had one token to use in it every day!

Holy crap! That would be an awesome invention! I'd call it the Dieter's Dream. It would run on special tokens, and the machine would actually dispense one token per day and you could use it to "buy" one item from the machine each day. I could have Hubby take the key to work with him or hide it. Don't steal my idea! :)

OK, back to Body After Baby.

As far as workouts, I've done pretty well I've actually been trading mornings with Hubby here and there and it feels pretty good to get my workout out of the way early, though getting up at 4:30 to exercise kind of sucks! I did some runs this week and also did single-arm and single-leg weight training to shake things up. Ouch! :)

This week's mini challenge was to do 50 crunches per day. You could earn up to 50 points per day for doing them. DONE! So, I got 350 points this week.
My points so far:
Week 1 (water drinking): 56
Week 2 (walking): 11
Week 3 (healthy meals): 17
Week 4 (crunches): 350

I was tempted by McDonald's this week. Over the weekend I realllllllly wanted one of their stupid pumpkin pies, which are sold 2 for $1, so you'd better believe I'd have bought two and ate them both! Yesterday I wanted a hamburger, fries and Coke from there so badly! Didn't do it, though.

I did have some less-than-stellar things through the week, particularly over the weekend. I had a fried shrimp and fries basket with Coke after soccer on Saturday, and I had a couple beers on Sunday night.

Anyway, it looks like last week's gain was very likely Mother Nature-induced bloat. I officially weighed in this week at 160.0. That means I am at a 3.5-pound loss, and THAT means I am actually only a half-pound short of my four-week goal. (My overall goal was to lose a pound a week during this challenge, which is what has been deemed a healthy loss when you're breastfeeding).

So, 160.0 puts me... 13.5 pounds away from pre-baby, which is where I want to be by the time we go to North Carolina in March for a friend's wedding. Hopefully this is attainable!

Anyway, the last couple weeks my post was kind of a bummer so I'm trying to keep a more positive attitude this week. Not sure yet what the Week 5 mini challenge will be, but I should find that out today.

On to Week 5!

I'm hoping to end the week at 158.5 (REALLY WANT to see the 150s again!) and I am planning to figure up some sort of circuit training to do 3 days this week. So far, I didn't get to work out on Sunday (thanks to the bathroom project) and I went for a 2.5-mile run yesterday morning.

Good luck to all the other participants! We can do this, right?


Sarah said...

You are doing AWESOME! I miss running, but haven't figured out a way to get out there. My husband is gone by 6am and I am NOT getting up earlier than that to run! Keep up the good work, you are right on track!

Samantha said...

nice work on the crunches! And a 2.5 mile run is great! Keep doin that!

Melinda said...

Sounds like you're doing good.
I wish I could get out and run.

Jamie H said...

Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Great job on your loss! Keep up the good work.