Friday, November 20, 2009

Let the holidays begin!

Happy Friday!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because I took the day off of exercising and slept a touch longer than usual. I don't like to park it at the computer and blog when the boys are up (in fact, I need to start turning the computer OFF when they get up or I'm tempted to run down and check my email or whatever every so often).

Anyway, there wasn't all that much to report anyway. I took the day off because my body was complaining loudly and telling me I needed a break. I did laundry and dishes and stuff, played some Cootie and UNO with Logan, etc. Jordan face-planted THREE times yesterday, poor kid. He pulls up constantly now, on anything he can, and he's starting to take his hands off whatever he pulled up on, so he'll be standing there inspecting a toy or something and he'll lose his balance and PLOP! He really fell ON HIS FACE though. I felt so bad. He cried so hard, my poor baby.

"Look Mom, no hands!" :)

Oh, yeah, Jordan's also trying to say "Uh-Oh!" It's so cute. He really only gets the Uh part. It's more like "Uh-gggg!" I know he's trying though because he was repeating after me yesterday. too funny.

I also brought the big MegaBlocks upstairs because I thought they would keep Jordan occupied while I got some things done. Logan kind of took over, though. But Jordan was happy to sit there and watch (for a while) and chew on some toys.

Got up this morning at 4:20 because Jordan started crying. Stayed up and once I finally got him back to bed, I went to the gym. I ran 1.2 miles as a warm-up then I had about 18 minutes left at the gym to get in whatever weights I could. I managed 3-4 sets each of four upper body exercises, so that's that.

Hubby had a bad time with the bathroom project last night. He had purchased and installed one of those corner shower shelving things that has a pole that goes to the ceiling. Well, I wanted the shelves switched around because I wanted the one with the razor holder up higher (so the boys couldn't get my razor) so Hubby pulled the thing out and it stuck to the ceiling and PEELED A BIG HUNK OF THE FRESH PAINT OFF! So now Hubs has to go through the whole patching, sanding, priming and painting process again to fix that spot, and he is SO SICK of patching and sanding and priming and painting. He was NOT a happy man.

He did hang the mirror, though, and it looks very nice. He'll probably hang the cabinet and towel hooks this weekend. We don't have any decorations for the walls yet. I'm not sure what I want to get.

Taking Logan to the pediatrician today. He got a cold back in September and the throat problem part of it nagged him for weeks. Then it went away for maybe a week, then he got another cold, and he has been doing this hacking thing with his throat ever since. He still coughs when he starts running around. Yesterday he was hacking almost constantly all day. his throat has to be sore from all that! Anyway, I don't think he's sick but he does have some sort of a tickle or a drainage problem and I want the doctor to take a look to make sure he doesn't have some sort of throat infection or something. I mean, it has been two months. The doc looked at it back at the end of Sept. and said there wasn't any sign of a problem but it's still going on. Poor kid. And it annoys me to no end, too, until I'm like "Logan, STOP making that noise!" As if he can help it!

The holiday season kicks off next week for most people with Thanksgiving. We don't ever do anything for Thanksgiving. We just eat dinner here at home, which is actually quite nice. I think I'm going to make Cornish game hens. I wanted to run a Turkey Trot as a family, but I didn't want to sign us up ahead of time because the past couple years it was below zero and windy and snowing on Thanksgiving and I didn't want to take the kids out if it was going to be like that. We'll see what happens.

We're actually celebrating Christmas tomorrow, though. Half of my family on my mom's side lives up in the Upper Peninsula and half of us live here in the Lower Peninsula (and my aunt, uncle and cousin live in Oregon, so we only see them every few years, which stinks. Maybe one of these years we could all go to Oregon! That would be so cool!) so we do our family Christmas every year the weekend before Thanksgiving. It just works easier for everyone because it gets so darn busy around Christmas.

We usually meet halfway, somewhere in the middle of the state and get hotel rooms and celebrate, but this year everyone up north (my parents and my grandparents) is coming all the way downstate. We're meeting at my aunt and uncle's house tomorrow and then later we'll all go to dinner at the AWESOME fish restaurant that has been our family's get-together spot for many years. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone and eating WHITEY'S FISH!!!!!

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day and weekend!