Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade pizza!

I have tried a number of times to make homemade pizza, but it never turned out right. Usually, my dough was soggy and floppy in the middle. I tried canned dough, dry mix dough and frozen dough, but it never came out quite right.

Well, my friend Eva is always raving about her husband Jeff's (inexpensive!) homemade pizza, so I asked for the recipe. Turns out, it's been requested so much that Jeff had the recipe all ready to go on facebook.

So, I picked up a ball of frozen dough and some sauce, cheese, mini turkey pepperonis and black olives. I also got some corn meal to put on my pizza stone so the dough wouldn't stick, and I chopped up some ham, turkey, broccoli, onions and red bell pepper that were in my fridge. (Bonus, I had some extra toppings that I used in some eggs the next morning. Yum!)

I let the dough thaw overnight in the fridge, and then I put it in a warm oven to rise for a while.

It rose, but I should have covered it, because it got a little dry on top which made it kind of funky to stretch out. I was afraid I might have ruined it.

I made a quarter of the pizza for everyone in the house, with the toppings they like most. Ham, turkey, pepperoni and LOTS of black olives for Logan, a little bit of everything and a TON of broccoli for me, "everything lite" minus black olives for Jordan and everything but black olives and not too much broccoli for Hubby.

Then it went in the oven. Jordan was really hungry and plastered himself to the oven door to watch it cook.

It came out looking and smelling great.

I was afraid it wouldn't be good. I was expecting it would not pass the Logan test. He only likes Little Caesars pizza. At first he refused to try it "because it looks GROSS!"

I asked him to please try a bite. He was surprised that it was good. The more he ate, the more he commented on how good it was. "This is DARN good pizza, Mom!" Oh yeah!

All four of us ate that entire pizza. All that was left was a scattering of cornmeal.

It really was good!

Try Jeff's recipe if you want to make a crowd-pleasing but not costly homemade pizza.

Maybe one day I'll learn to actually make crust. For now, the frozen stuff is good enough for me!