Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glass is NOT babyproof!

I'm still on a quest to get rid of the probably-toxic plastic crap in my kitchen. I replaced most of the storage containers with glass, though I haven't found anything that works well for sandwiches or is the right size for stuff like trail mix yet.

I did get Jordan a couple glass sippy cups that have silicone grippy stuff on them. The sip tops are plastic, though. Also? He hates them. Pretty much refuses to drink from them. They were kind of expensive, too.

What he likes are the stupid Take 'n Toss sippy cups. I have to admit, they're easy, but I hate stuff like that. I don't want to "toss" it, be it in the trash or the #5 recycling bin at Whole Foods. But since they're supposed to be disposable, it probably isn't that great to wash and wash and wash them daily.

I still have been using the same old plastic plates and bowls Logan used, but they've been through the dishwasher a bunch of times (before I knew better) and make me nervous, so I've been giving him the regular glass small salad plates to use. I need to find some smaller glass bowls because our regular bowls are too big. Our drinking glasses are too big and heavy for him to hold. He's already broken one of them on accident because it slipped out of his hands.

Anyway, I'd like him to get used to eating and drinking from REAL dishes and glasses and learn that they are to be handled with care.

So, today, I stopped at the Salvation Army to see if they had a few little glasses and small glass bowls I could use for Jordan. Something not too expensive so if he broke them it wouldn't really matter. I didn't find any bowls, but I DID find the perfect glasses for him!

They hold about 4 ounces, they're small, AND (this is so cool) they have an Old English "J" etched into them!!!

Aren't they sweet?

So, I bought the entire set of 8 for him, since I figured some of them would end up broken. I was right. He was having a tantrum and chucked one of them right there in the store. CRASH! Embarrassing? Yeah. But I'm getting used to it. Jordan can be a brat if he's tired, hungry or just feeling like being a brat. He can be a challenging kid for sure.

Anyway, just thought I'd share since they're so cute.

Not a bad score for $2.32, eh?