Monday, June 13, 2011


I think the very best place in my town for a picnic on a nice day is the train station. At least, it's great if you have a little boy.

We don't have a big train station that's open all the time. It's only open a few minutes before the Amtrak rolls through, a couple times a week, on its way to or from Port Huron or Chicago.

But it does have something cool... three brightly-painted cabooses. This was always a place Logan and I loved to come for a picnic. We'd just sit on a caboose and eat whatever lunch we brought, and if we got lucky, a train would go by or the little green and yellow work train would be busily shunting grain cars at the grain elevator. I am surprised that I never see other moms with their kids at the cabooses. We've spent a lot of time there!

Logan's over the whole train fascination now (something I thought would never happen!) but Jordan likes them a lot, so I get to have caboose picnics again! Fun! Plus, they're a really picturesque place to take photos. As a matter of fact, I wish I'd had some of my senior photos taken here or maybe even some on our wedding day. That would have been neat.

Today is Logan's last day of school, so I took Jordan over to the cabooses for a special picnic lunch, just the two of us together, before big brother is home for the summer. It was wonderful. Have a look.

I see London, I see France, I see someone's green FLIP diaper!

Fun memories with my boy

I LOVE this photo of him just hanging out on the back of the caboose, eating his peach

Don't look down!

Kicking my feet up and enjoying my lunch

He was cracking up at these sparrows that kept landing on the tracks. I think they were building a nest somewhere. On a really gross note, check out the disgusting amount of backwash in Jordan's Kool-Aid. One reason I NEVER share my drinks with him!

Checking out the wheels and stuff underneath


H Jones said...

like your kicking' picture!