Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FlipFlops are perfect for summer (wine review)

Everyone knows summer is the time for flip flops, but did you know they're not just for your feet?

I heard about FlipFlop wines, and, well OK, I will admit, I'm one to try out new wines based on two things: A cute name/label and a low price. Why? Because I know you don't necessarily have to spend a bundle to get a tasty wine, and also because I can't AFFORD to buy an expensive bottle of wine for just general everyday use.

Anyway, the company sent me out three bottles to try (at no charge to me). Can you imagine the joy when, on a very hot summer day, the FedEx man shows up with a large package containing three bottles of wine? It looked a little like this:

They sent me Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Pinot Noir to sample. I was pleased because, if I'd been given a choice, those would have been the three I'd have selected for myself.

A couple days later, I opened the Pinot Grigio to serve with maple glazed salmon. The pairing didn't work at all. BUT we also had some smoked menominee (whitefish) and somehow the wine actually worked with the smoked fish. That's hard to do. Smoked fish is such a strong flavor, wine will often make it taste really fishy or it will make the wine taste metallic. It didn't. Good to know I can enjoy one of my FAVORITE Michigan treats and still have wine!

I don't know why, but I forgot to take photos of that meal with the wine. Anyway, we drank most of the wine AFTER dinner, and it was good. Both Hubby and I thought so.

The next one I opened was the Riesling. I served it with a standard, simple dinner of baked spaghetti (Hubby's favorite), cucumbers with ranch dressing and bread dipped in seasoned olive oil. Mmmm. Good stuff!

I saved the best for last. The Pinot Noir was by far my favorite. Hubby doesn't care much for red wine but he liked it. He liked the whites better, though. I thought the red was the best. We ate dinner outdoors that night. Grilled chicken on salad, rice and veggies with hummus. The FlipFlop was the perfect complement to an outdoor summer dinner.

Later, as I walked through the kitchen after adding the last of the Pinot to my glass, I toasted the beautiful Michigan sunset through the back window, and managed to capture a bit of it in my glass. Tasted gooood!

So, after trying out the three FlipFlop wines I was given, I have to say I approve. I am not a wine expert by any means, but I like what I like. I'm a big fan of Michigan wines, because I like to keep things local (and because they're good) but if I'm going to just run to the store and pick up a bottle for dinner, there's a good chance I'll grab some FlipFlop. I want to try out the other wines they offer for sure. Lately, I've seen them on sale at my local Kroger store for 2/$10. Can't beat that! Plus, they definitely don't taste "cheap." You know, that vinegary gross cheap wine flavor? Yeah, nothing like that. They're good!

Thanks to FlipFlop for letting me try out your wines. I like them and think my friends will too!

OH! And if you needed any more urging to try FlipFlop, (this is so cool) the company has paired up with Soles4Souls and will provide a pair of flip flop sandals to someone in need! That's awesome! See? You can do some good by drinking good wine!