Friday, February 17, 2012

An unbelievable find

So, on Wednesday, Logan came bounding out of school with a special smile on his face... one with a gap in it. His top tooth had been dangling for weeks, ready to fall out.

But, he said, it had fallen out during recess when he was belly-sliding on some snow and ice, and he hadn't even realized it until he stood up and started walking away.

He left the tooth fairy a note and still got a $2 bill for his tooth.

Yesterday (Thursday) school was closed due to icy back roads, and today is a scheduled day off. It's nice and sunny out and we decided, just for the heck of it, to go look for the tooth. We wanted to get some sunshine anyway, and I love a challenge. I'm excellent at finding things like lost earrings or four-leaf clovers, so I thought why not look for a little, tiny tooth on the playground?

We drove up to the school and Logan pointed to a long, paved section. That, he said, is where he had been sliding on the snow and ice. It was all melted, and I was dismayed to discover that the pavement was made up of tiny stones. It was going to be next to impossible to find a tooth there.

But... I walked a little way onto the pavement and just chose a spot to start looking. I had one false find, just a small white stone, and when I put the stone back down, lo and behold, there was the tooth!

So I picked it up and told Logan I found it. He and Jordan were climbing on something and didn't believe me until I showed them.

So, yeah. Mommy's totally a rock star. I can't believe I found that tiny little thing so easily!

Logan thinks he's going to double his jackpot. I had to inform him that he's not making any more money on the tooth. Rather, we're just going to ship it off to ToothFairyLand with the next one that falls out.

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What were the chances that you found your sons tooth. That is really incredible.