Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Housing headaches

Sooo... I'm in a crazy place!

Here's a look at the ups and downs as of late:

Our house has been listed for something like three weeks. Maybe four. I can't keep track.

We've only had one couple come see it, and that was after we lowered the price $5K, and thankfully, right after Hubby painted the bedroom and kitchen, both of which sorely needed it.

My house has never looked this good. It's so clean and organized. That takes a TON of effort, all day, every day. I try to get the boys out of the house as much as possible. Plus, I can't really get to anything I've packed away without some digging. My storage tubs are all labeled, but there are a lot of them to wade through to find the right one.

My garage is piled with boxes people have given us for if/when we need to pack up the rest of our stuff.

I fell in love with the sixth house I looked at. I wasn't even out of the subdivision when I called Hubby and said I didn't even want to look at any more. I just wanted that house. It was the third house he looked at. He fell in love with it, too. Turns out, he had been looking at that neighborhood for years, wishing we could live there.

We made an offer on that house. It was countered. We countered back. They accepted, and gave us 90 days to find a buyer for our house and then another 40 days to close.

Within a day or so of listing our house, our freaking ROAD WAS CLOSED for construction, probably until October or something like that. Thanks a lot. Now if anyone wants to drive by this house, they have to go the long way 'round. I'm sure it deters plenty of people.

Logan starts kindergarten Sept. 7. If we stay here, he'll go to one school. If we move to that other house, he'll go to a different one. If we end up in some OTHER house, who knows? The not-knowing part is killing me. I really didn't want to have to make him move schools right in the middle of his first year, but it very well could happen.

Now, all of a sudden, someone else has made an offer on the house we have the offer on. That means we have 3 days (well, 2 now) to remove the contingency (that we sell our house) and choose that house for good, or move on to try to find something else. So, what to do? We could try to deal with both mortgages for a while and keep this house on the market, we could try to rent this house out, we could take ths house off the market and stay here and lose that house we both decided we really like.

One thing that really scares me is that if we were to stay here, we would own this house free and clear before Logan even graduated from high school. Other than that, the only debt we have is my small car payment. I feel like we're so close to living debt-free, and that would be sooooo amazing. It bothers me that we would be digging our hole quite a bit deeper. Would a bigger house be worth it? I mean, we COULD live here. It's not a bad house at all. I think Hubby really wants to move to a new place, though. He always has. He never wanted to stay here permanently.

I could use a crystal ball right about now!

Anyway, that's what's been going down here. Tough to say at this point what will happen.

Scary stuff!

And yet, I have to realize that I am SO VERY fortunate. There are so many people out there that would love to have these kinds of headaches, these choices to make. There are people out there who would view my current house as a palace. We are so lucky to be able to consider moving with the economy the way it is.

Got to keep that in mind!


Heather said...

It's such a catch 22 that you guys are in & I understand! I wish I could help you decide or even offer suggestions but I'd be completely torn too! But I will present you want to retire in your current home? That would be the only deciding factor.

Good luck sis!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I can't believe they closed your road!! That is so lame! I don't know what to say... but I know it will happen just perfectly when/how it's suppose to happen. Trust me.. I lived in someones basement in a new state for 3 months with a toddler and we thought we were never going to find a good place to live.. and here we are now. :)

Good luck! Keep us updated!! :)