Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend

This weekend I:

-Found out my mom has cancer (Well, hopefully HAD cancer. We're hoping that her hysterectomy got it all out) and will be starting chemo soon.

-Spent a great deal of time processing this information.

-Did a heavy upper body weights workout that left me pleasantly sore.

-Played some rousing games of “freeze catch” with my five-year-old son.

-Stayed up all night holding my 19-month-old son and inhaling the sweet scent of his hair because he couldn’t sleep.

-Packed a bunch of boxes because we’re moving to the new house this coming weekend.

(Life looks a lot like this right now. It's hard to think straight.)

I also:

-Enjoyed steak, wine and bread dipped in olive oil.

-Watched Couples Retreat, which was pretty awful.

-Dug up my canna bulbs to take to the new house with me.

-Got new running shoes.

-Bought some bridge mix and hid it in my car so I wouldn’t have to share.

-Did not get mad when my baby broke one of my favorite plates with what seemed to be malicious intent (He swiped it out of the cupboard and then threw it to the floor as hard as he could). I also did not get mad when Hubby broke one of our wine glasses because HELLO... He was doing the dishes!

-Read a book (well, not a whole book) in the bathtub and got good and pruny. Even had to add more hot water several times.

-Inventoried the freezer contents, planned meals and got groceries to feed us for the last week in this house.

and much, much more.

Packed a lot of life into two short days!


Heather said...

Ahahaha! You mean I'm not the only wife that purchases treats & hides them? I do that with trail mix sometimes but will put some in Kevin's lunch on Saturdays (when I make it.) He laughs at me :)

Busy week ahead. Thinking of you :)

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

lots of highs and lows in there!

Wish you lived closer so we could lift together, obviously after my baby is here :)

Thinking of you girl...