Friday, August 12, 2011


When we moved back in September, we moved into a house with very light beige carpeting. It's practically white. It looks great, but I immediately knew living in this house with two little boys was going to take its toll on the carpeting. The carpeting is in the living room and master bedroom. The kitchen, dining area and library are hardwood. I decided we were NOT going to be having any drinks or snacks in the living room. (And when I say WE I mean the kids. Hubby and I might have a little snack or a drink out there after the kids go to bed.)

A few months after we moved in, Jordan snuck out there with a cup of chocolate (whole) milk and managed to dump the whole thing on the carpet and my equally light beige glider rocker and glider footstool. Perhaps the cup exploded. I wasn't looking.

Anyway, that incident led to us calling a professional carpet cleaner. It had to be done, and we'd not had the carpets cleaned when we moved in anyway, so it was time.

After the carpet and chair were cleaned, I realized I was going to have to get SOMETHING to clean up little messes, so I did a little research and bought a Bissell Little Green for spots that come up.

It has served me well. I've had to bring it out a number of times, like when Jordan un-diapered himself and peed on Hubby's recliner, or when he took off into the living room after covering himself with yogurt, and then dove hands-and-face-first onto the couch. It's easy and fast. You just plug it in, turn it on and push a button to spray out some cleaning liquid on the offensive spot, then suck it back out with the hose/brush thingy. Voila. I don't think we've had a spot that hasn't come out, including pizza sauce. I think the key is catching them right away. Plus, I'm sure if I dumped a nice glass of Pinot Noir on the carpet, the Bissell might not be able to tackle it. I'm not about to try.

Around that time, I also bought a Bissell Natural Sweep, which is one of those sweepers that you don't plug in. You know, they use 'em in restaurants to get the crumbs. I wanted one so I could do daily maintenance vacuuming in the living room when Jordan is napping, since our Hoover is pretty loud.

However, the second time I used the Natural Sweep, I took it outside to empty the dirt trap and it broke on me! It was totally useless, but I'd already thrown out the box and receipt. I figured I was out of luck, and the thing has been sitting in my closet ever since. That was last fall!

Well, I came across the Natural Sweep the other day and on a whim, I contacted Bissell Customer Service online and told them about it. Almost instantly, I was pow-wowwing with a lady who was asking questions about which part broke. I e-mailed her a photo and she stuck a brand new sweeper in the mail for me that day. I had it just a couple days later.

Why didn't I just ask earlier?

Also, why aren't ALL customer service matters resolved this easily and completely? (Eh, AT&T? DirectTV? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?)

And that's why I wrote this post. Bissell doesn't know I'm doing it. They didn't pay me or give me free stuff (except for the free replacement they gave me for the broken sweeper). They just did it because apparently that's the way they treat their customers, and for that, they get this. A post telling you that I use Bissell stuff to clean up my boys' messes, that I LIKE the things I've purchased from them, that they have EXCELLENT customer service and that I am highly likely to be a repeat customer.

So there ya go.