Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Piloxing review

On Monday, my gym will be starting its annual week-and-a-half-long maintenance shutdown, so I'll be forced to either take my workouts outside or turn to my limited workout video collection.

While I love running, I simply can't do it every day. The wear and tear on my body is too much. But I don't have that many DVDs to do at home that are all that great, either.

However, I recently got the chance to review a DVD that I found to be fun AND a good workout: Piloxing.

So what is Piloxing? Well, it's a mix of Pilates and boxing, but it's more than that. There was ballet-style stuff mixed in there, too, like barre-type plies and other leg work. Let me tell you, I took ballet classes and this stuff is great for elongating and strengthening your leg muscles and feet!

The motto on the Piloxing DVD is Sleek-Sexy-Powerful, and each of those are worked into the DVD.

Some of my workout DVDs feature instructors that are SO ANNOYING. Chalean anyone? I love the TurboJam workouts but that chick makes me bonkers. I've heard the same about Jillian Michaels, but I can tolerate her. Anyway, I thik Viveca Jensen is kind of fun. It seems like it would be a good time to take a live class from her.

So, yeah, the workout is geared toward women. And yeah, the box has pink on it. But don't be fooled... it's not a sissy workout. It's an hour long, and alternates between Pilates and boxing exercises, with some dance thrown in for fun. It changes up often enough to keep you from getting bored---something that's hard to do for an hour-long DVD, I think! I tend to start checking the clock around 20 minutes when I do DVDs at home! Well, Piloxing kept me interested.

Some of the exercises--particularly the Pilates ones--were quite challenging, I thought. Perhaps it's because I've never done a lot of Pilates before. The one Viveca calls "serve the platter" comes to mind. It's a leg move, done balancing on one leg. Let me tell you, that stabilizing leg and foot is screaming by the time you're done with that one!

For me, the workout targeted my legs much more than upper body, HOWEVER, I should add that they did not send me the weighted gloves to try for this review, so that could make a big difference.

So, anyway, I enjoyed the DVD, found it challenging and will definitely keep it in my workout rotation, especially during the gym shutdown and when Hubby travels for work and I'm unable to go to the gym.

To learn more or to order your own Piloxing workout or gear, visit the official website.

Disclosure: I was sent the Piloxing DVD at no charge for the purposes of this review.