Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My frustrating sit-shoe-ation

I am no Carrie Bradshaw.

I don't really have THAT many pairs of shoes. Especially not cute ones. I have my hiking boots, my trail running shoes (well, 2 pairs), my older running shoes, my new running shoes, my indoor workout shoes (for when I do DVDs or if my feet are bugging me), then I have my Teva sandals, my flip flops, a pair of brown flats, a few pairs of heels that I wore in this wedding or that (and never since), my one standard pair of black heels, some cruddy old flip flops that I use for shower shoes when camping, a couple cruddy pairs of shoes that I slip on when I take the kids outside...

OK, well, it does add up, but still, I don't have anything cute. No Manolos or Louboutins or anything like that. For one thing, I can't afford them. For another thing, I can't wear anything with a heel unless I want to limp for a couple weeks, thanks to plantar fasciitis. Too bad, too. I used to love heels and they do wonders for my stumpy calves.

I'm getting way off point here.

So, I have those shoes. My sons have their shoes and my husband has his (big) ones.

What that means is a big pile of shoes tripping us up every time we come in the house or try to go into the laundry room or whatever.

How the heck do you keep your shoes organized and out of the way?!?!

We have shoe cubbies, shoe racks, shoe boxes... still, we have a pile of shoes. I pick it up. A half hour later, the pile is back.

What? Do they all crawl out and pile up when we're not looking?

Here is my rack of "dressier" shoes in my closet (well, and my old ratty but super comfy pair of mooseskin moccasins!)

The other rack of random shoes in our closet.

By the garage door where we usually come in is another cubby and also a box for our hiking boots, because they're big and don't fit in cubbies.

The bench/shoe rack and a typical day's shoe pile (which has been shoved to the side).

I am open to suggestions as to how we should deal with this super annoying sit-shoe-ation. How on Earth do you organize all your family's shoes and keep them that way?