Monday, December 13, 2010

Body After Baby Week 2

Not much to say about Week 1.

Samantha posted two challenges this week:

1) Write down everything you eat and drink.

I need to do this. I haven't done it lately but will be starting up again today. Got my little book out. I know it helps. I really want to try to stick with this.

2) Cut out one unhealthy habit completely this week.

Mine's a little unconventional... I have been refraining from buying myself anything new to wear because I don't want to stay this size. However, my clothes are CRAP. SO I got myself a sweater and a sweatshirt this week so I feel a little better about myself. I also bought a pair of "goal panties" that I want to fit into nicely.

It's a snow day today and I for some reason laid awake all night last night. Hubby's going to be very late tonight due to a hockey game he's going to (doesn't start til 7:30!) so it's probably going to be a long day. The wind chills are pretty low, but I am going to bundle up the kiddies and take them out for a short burst of fresh air while I shovel the walk, since I'm expecting some things to come in the mail.

I was the ONLY person at the gym this morning besides the lady who works at the desk! Guess everyone else is a Winter Storm wimp! :P

Have a great week, even though this post is late and the week's almost over!


Samantha said...

I do the same thing with clothes.... I can't fit into my old jeans yet so I am stuck wearing sweats or ugly pants i have.. which make me feel icky. BUT I don't want to buy NEW jeans because I know they will fit me again once I lose 10 pounds.... ugh...

I hear ya girl. Good for you for getting to the gym!!!