Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More than monsters

I've been a crabby mom lately, referring to my kids more often as "monsters" or "ogres" than anything else.

What's wrong with me? I LOVE these kids!

I'm very excited to surprise them on Christmas morning with all their goodies.

I love that Logan is doing so well in kindergarten.

I love that Jordan is learning to say more and more words every day.

I am excited (and a little sad) that Logan's first two teeth are going to fall out ANY DAY NOW.

I love that Jordan's wild hair matches his wild personality, because I just can't bring myself to get him his first haircut. I can't say goodbye to that white-blond ducky fuzz yet.

I love that Logan is adamant about saying his prayers every night (thanks to his daddy) and makes me do it even when I just want to hurry up and go to bed myself.

I love that Jordan screams every day when Logan gets out of the car at school (well, not really, but I'm glad he misses his big brother), and I love that Logan makes it a point to kiss his little brother good-bye several times before he gets out, because he knows Jordan is sad when Logan gets out.

I think it's funny that the only two things Logan will not eat (fruit and dairy) are the only two things Jordan wants to eat.

I love that Logan gave his beloved penguin, Peamotion, to his little brother to sleep with. I love that Jordan MUST have Peamotion to go to bed each night. I think he likes it so much because it was his brother's.

There are so many reasons I love these kids, and I am mad at myself for being crabby at them lately.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a short video of Jordan and his latest antics: Belly surfing on the table, saying "Ho ho ho," making an exasperated kkkkhhhhh sound and playing his new favorite (and dangerous) game, Blind Boy.



Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

They can certainly wear on our nerves, huh? But on the whole we remember just how wonderful they are and show them love. That's what matters!

Heather said...

He is SO silly!!!! And it's funny because my friend's little guy was driving her nuts last night too. He'd ask them a questions & when they answered he'd say "no, you are wrong." Hahaha. He's 4.5! lol

Merry Christmas sis! xoxox