Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mars and Venus

Remember that book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

Yeah, neither do I. It came out, I think, when I was a kid. I remember hearing the title though.

It reminds me of this dumb verse that the boys used to chant on the playground when I was in first grade or so: "Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Boys go to Mars to get candy bars."

Oh, how gleefully they used to taunt us with that, and I distinctly remember feeling SO superior because they sounded like such idiots. Really? more stupider?! Yeah...

Anyway, back to that old book title. It's supposed to mean that men and women are just completely different, almost as if we're from different planets.

You know what? I'm convinced. It's true. There is no way we will ever, ever figure out the opposite sex, because we just plain can't fathom the way their minds work.

This was made evident to me the other day. I was about to paint my nails and for some dumb reason, I enlisted my husband's help in choosing a color.

I have a LOT of nail polish and I can debate for a very long time about just which shade to wear. Some of them are fun, but I get sick of them after a day or two.

Like this one.

I have a "safe" palette of colors that I seem to stick to.

Anyway, I asked Hubby what color he likes my nails best.

"I don't know, red?" he replied.

So I picked out a red shade.

"You like this one?" I asked.

"Sure." he said.

I wasn't really feeling the red, though. I wanted spring-y. Then I spotted a pink one that looked promising. I held it up.

"What about this one? Do you like this pink?"

HE said, "Pink is the same thing as red."

Uh, what? Oh no no no they are NOT! I have probably 43 different shades of pink and red in my nail polish bag. They are very much not the same. Some are orangey, some are kinda brownish, others are pure bubblegum or cherry. Totally different.

I didn't know what to say so I started laughing.

Then I chose purple.

To Hubby, though, it probably looks pink. Or red.