Monday, April 18, 2011

Racing stripes

Hi kids!

Ran a 10K on Saturday. It's the first race I've run since 2006, and since then I dealt with wrecked feet from plantar fasciitis and a pregnancy during which I spent 3 1/2 months on the couch and gained something like 55 or 60 pounds. It's been a tough comeback!

I'm still not back to my 2006 speedy self (which wasn't really all THAT speedy, but was good for me) but I did set a goal for the 10K this past weekend, and I met that goal... barely!

A couple weeks before the race, I went out for a Saturday run. I'd mapped out a 6.2 mile course on Gmaps and I ran it in 1 hour and 39 seconds. My goal for the race was to come in under an hour.

The night before the race, it was raining and REALLY windy. I laid awake all night listening to the rain and wind and thinking how much it was going to suck to run in it.

However, it stopped raining before the race and the wind wasn't too bad. It was an out-and-back course on a rail-to-trail so it was nice and flat. The last 2 miles, my ever-loving "runner's tummy" kicked in, making me feel like I was going to do THIS.

Seriously, once I saw that photo last year or whenever it was, I think of it when I feel that special feeling during a run.

Anyway, I got through it. No walking. And I did it in under an hour. 9 SECONDS under an hour, to be exact. Ha!

Here are my girlfriends Brenda and Mindy and me before the race

After the race, all sweaty and stinky

And I actually came in second in the female age 30-39 age group. Woo hoo!

So there ya go. I did it. And I have the Warrior Dash coming up in July, but I am thinking I'd like to do another race before then. We shall see.

On another note, last week I got some "racing stripes" in my hair. I didn't want full highlights but wanted something fun for spring so I just got a couple blond streaks in the front. I like it!