Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonderful weekend

To my surprise, I learned that Hubby had Good Friday off from work, making it a three-day weekend with my men. What a good start!

I set out for a run Friday afternoon. It was cloudy but not freezing. However, a couple miles in, the sky opened up and I ended up getting positively drenched! Some of the raindrops felt pretty slushy and I'm quite certain a decent-sized hailstone bonked me in the forehead at one point. It kinda hurt.

I made it 4.7 miles, though, and went home, but was feeling very, very stiff and sore from the run. Much more so than I felt after the 10K. In retrospect, I think I was starting to get sick, and running in the rain probably didn't help. I spent the rest of the weekend feeling quite awful with swollen glands, a very sore throat, a pounding headache and general achiness. No fun. Plus, both the boys were very, very snotty and Logan had a nasty cough too.

That's where the beauty of photography comes in, though. Because I didn't take a photo of the rain run or the aches and pains. I took photos of the fun stuff, and that's what I'll remember.

Here is a photo rundown of our nice Easter weekend:

On Saturday, we stopped by the court house for the annual Easter Egg hunt. Logan was excited to get started.

Jordan wasn't quite sure what to do at first so he just stood there and picked at his super-chapped top lip.

Finally after some coaching from me, he picked up a few eggs.

Then he realized there was candy inside and went all bonkers opening them and picking out all the chocolate.

Logan was almost too fast for me to photograph. All I got were butt shots. He filled his basket, though!

Then, we went bowling to celebrate Logan's 6th birthday (it's not 'til this coming Saturday). He had a lot of fun!

And there was ice cream cake!

Easter morning, the boys got up to discover some crazy bunny had left baskets of goodies for them. They each got a pair of (matching) sandals for summer, a stuffed animal, a small Lego set, bubbles, jelly beans, Pez and a couple other small things.

The bunny left a note saying he'd hidden 27 eggs in the back yard. It rained a little through the night, but luckily the plastic eggs kept the foil-wrapped chocolates dry. The kids had fun searching for the eggs, and cracking them open once they came back inside.

We skipped church due to 3/4 of the family not feeling well. A neighbor later told us it was standing-room-only so I'm a tiny bit glad we didn't go, because that would have been rough with the kids!

After the grass dried up a bit, we played outside.

I found real, actual flowers (grape hyacinths) coming up by the house, where it's warm. Yay for spring!

Logan had a blast playing with (and in the process, destroying) his new foam airplane.

Jordan got up close and personal with a family of ants he found in the driveway. (He observed them, then trashed their house, then squished a few by trying to pick them up and play with them. Hopefully he didn't eat any, but you never know!)

We drew with sidewalk chalk.

And blew bubbles.

Logan found a new friend, a 7-year-old boy who lives a few houses down, and they played happily together (That's the reason most of my playing outside photos are just Jordan. Logan was off with his new buddy!). The friend taught Jordan how to drive the Gator. Alone. Be still my heart!

He doesn't look where he's going at ALL!

We finished the day with ham, corn on the cob and crescent rolls, eaten OUTSIDE! The first al fresco dinner of the year! And, of course, ice cream cake!

Jordan helped peel the corn for dinner.

My babies reading together.

So, looking back on these photos, I will remember a wonderful Easter weekend.

Hope you all had as nice a time as we did!