Sunday, January 2, 2011

Body After Baby: Year of the Warrior!

Hey y'all!

It's been a nice long holiday break, and I've eaten and lazed and fully enjoyed having my men at home with me, and now tomorrow it's back to the same ole same ole.

I weighed in yesterday and it wasn't pretty.

Also not pretty? This evil toothache I've had for three days. Yes, of course it has to happen over a holiday so there's no chance for help! I finally gave in and called the dentist at home this morning because I can't even think straight, let alone sleep, eat or even close my teeth. I have an old root canal with a suspected cracked root that has given me problems in the past but nothing ever like this before. The dentist was kind enough to call in a prescription for an antibiotic and VICODIN for me. I read the warnings list with the prescription and the Vicodin scares me but it hurts so bad, I actually took two and that was about 40 minutes ago. IT STILL HASN'T KICKED IN!!!

You know that scene in Cast Away when Tom Hanks knocks out his own tooth with an ice skate? Yeah, I'm considering it.

Anyway, I'll have to have it pulled this week. No getting around it anymore. What a drag. For now, I'm tryin' to survive on soft stuff but it even hurts to chew oatmeal.

It's the fourth week of the 8-week Body After Baby challenge at Mama Notes, and I haven't done a thing except gain a pound. I'm thinking the holidays weren't such a great time for this, but whatever. I'm not quitting.

So anyway, the New Year dawned kinda crappy here because of all this pain, BUT... I have a goal for the new year that I'm really really excited about.

Hubby and I are signing up for a race called the Warrior Dash, which is coming to Michigan for the first time. It's described as a "hellish" 3.3-mile race and there are 10 insane obstacles like cargo nets, plank walking, slithering through mud under barbed wire and fire jumping, just to name a few.

Check out the course here


I just was thinking and I haven't been motivated to get back into shape. I needed something to kick me in the butt. This race will definitely get me far out of my comfort zone, and it sounds like so much fun. I am looking forward to working hard to get into killer shape and rock this thing.

Plus, if I do it right, I should come out in the best shape of my life. After all, I need to eat right and train hard to do well in this race. I want to rock my new age group! (I'll be turning 35 the month before the race, which pushes me into the 35-39 age group!)

And it would be really sweet to be in the best shape of my life to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary in October!

So, the plan is, as always, to eat RIGHT and work out HARD, but with a renewed determination so I can be strong and make this race fun. I really, really want to FEEL like a warrior and show myself that I can do it.

It's so exciting to have a real, tangible goal that is not just some random number on the scale or on the jeans label!

I'm ready to rock! (Well, after this tooth stops torturing me, anyway. Right now I can barely even blink without wincing in pain!)

Happy New Year!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Oh ick on the tooth! So sorry to hear its hurting so bad. you know how much I hate dental stuff.

Crystal said...

Dave and I are celebrating our 10 year this year too! Ours is April 21st..YAY for the anniversaries!! Ouchey for your tooth. I think my teeth were hurting as I was reading this. Hope you are all better now!