Friday, January 14, 2011

Jordan's first haircut

Jordan will be two on Feb. 7, and had never had his hair cut. I love that blond baby fuzz, and just couldn't bring myself to have it cut off.

But it's been getting fuzzier lately, in the back. He sleeps on his back, and over the past couple days, the fuzz turned into little dreadlocks. I couldn't wash or comb them out. They just plain needed to be cut out.

He was looking sort of shaggy anyway. Super cute, as always, but a little wild.

Here are some "before" shots. Note the fuzz on the back of his head, wound into tiny little dreads.

So, today we made a pilgrimage to Great Lakes Crossing. I thought maybe taking him someplace fun like Carnival Cuts would go over better than some random barber shop.

At first, he thought it was cool. He got to sit in an airplane.

But then this chick started messing with the dreads.

Mom, I don't like this one bit. Why are you letting her do this to me?


The lady was obviously used to this kind of reaction, so she kept going, talking to Jordan in a soothing voice. But notice, not even a lollipop worked to calm him down.

Eventually he was done. It's not a perfect haircut since he was screaming his fool head off, turning it from side to side and hitting at the scissors. It's a little more cleaned-up than before, though.

Happy snappy sitting in the fire truck with his lollipop when it was all over.

Logan had to get in on the action, even though he's too big!

So, we walked out of there, all of us, covered in tears, snot, lollipop residue and lots and lots of blond hair. I had some caught in my throat for quite a while. She put a tiny bit of his hair in a little ziplock bag for me and stapled it to a First Haircut certificate, which made me teary because it stated Jordan had "graduated from babyhood."

I can't handle that kind of stuff.

So, anyway, the deed is done and my little guy looks handsome... and older.