Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair cut

So, I needed a hair cut. But, my stylist moved to Vegas on me. She's the only one I've trusted with my hair. Everyone else has trashed it. But, I had to get it cut, so I just picked a place out of the yellow pages.

Before (and no makeup. scary.)

Bad hair day! (This is after. Me being goofy. Taken upside down. That's why my face is all red.)

Wasn't too thrilled with the cut when I got home.

Like it a little better when I curl it and add some bling.

It was a very fast haircut. Like seven minutes. She didn't even wash it first, just sprayed it with a water bottle, and she was yakking with the other stylists while she was doing it. They all looked bored. No customers. Bad sign.

In my opinion, it's kind of uneven. When I part it, there aren't any layers on one side. It's weird.

But... it could be worse and will grow out.

Bobby pins are a girl's best friend, right?


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I know the feeling of not loving a haircut, but it does look nice how you styled it. Remember you telling me they never do it right in the salons? Apparently we both have some hard luck with hair. I like it though!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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