Friday, January 7, 2011

Setbacks, pushing through and a new 'do


Well, I'm healing up from the tooth ordeal. Still can't really chew meat that well and haven't dared to try nuts or crunchy raw veggies yet, but the pain is under control. I don't have to really even take anything anymore. Also, I ran today and the jarring was just slightly uncomfortable. Not enough to make me stop.

Now I'm having another setback, though. I went to the doc yesterday and he did some X-rays and a few other tests and *thinks* I probably have carpal tunnel in my right wrist but wants to set up an EMG (whatever that is) to be certain.

So, for now I'm to take ibuprofen regularly for inflammation (joy. more drugs.), refrain from any upper body weight training (WHAT!?) and wear this wrist thingy when I sleep and if it's bugging me during the day.

The doctor said if it is carpal tunnel, he recommends just having the (outpatient) surgery to take care of it right away. That'll give me time to heal and then train for the WARRIOR DASH!!!

I've confirmed Hubby's and my registration for the Warrior Dash on July 30 in Mt. Morris and am soooooooo excited about it. You can check out the website here, but you'll get a better idea if you just watch this video. It looks like wild, crazy fun times!

I am working on dropping the extra weight because I bet it'll be a heck of a lot easier to do the Dash at 140 than it would be at 160! Also need to work on my cardio endurance, core strength and upper body strength, but I guess the upper body's on hold for the present time. It doesn't make me happy, but what are you going to do?

Oh, and I ordered this super cute T-shirt from Ford Warriors in Pink. I've wanted one of those shirts for a long time anyway, it's a good cause, and I found this one to be both inspirational and fitting for the upcoming months as I train for the Dash.

Also, I'm bored with my hair. It's blah. Now, I look at it and if I'd just let it go for another year or so, it would be long again. BUT... my hair's thin and this in-between phase is soooo annoying and I'm not sure I'd like it much better once it was really long again, because it is so thin.

I have considered shorter layers (nothing too drastic, but a couple inches off the length and more layers) and highlights. I pulled out my hair photos (I kind of have a little album of past hairstyles I've had to refer back to) and conferred with Hubby. He likes the layered look that I like, too, and said he likes my natural color, but would be happy with the highlights, too. (By the way, I don't base my hair on what HE wants, but I like having his input).

I think I'm going to go for the cut for now, and then keep thinking on the highlights. That's something I like to do in spring, anyway, to brighten me up for the summer months. I also have to find a salon that uses Shades, because that's worked best for me in the past.

I'll probably post before and after pics if there's a big difference when I get it cut.

So, yeah, that's about it for now! Have a fantastic weekend!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I meant to say on FB before that that race looks really fun. I bet you would do great at it! Now just have to deal with that hand.

Gwenn said...

Wow! You have been busy! I've been having trouble with my wrist and arm too..except mine is the left one. I have that same wrist brace. I've just been dealing with mine..maybe I should go to the dr.? Yikes. Good luck with your race!