Thursday, August 20, 2009

bathing suits! aaargh!

I went bathing suit shopping yesterday.
Yeah, yeah. I know it's almost September, but I'm wearing this horrid stretched-out faded little number that I got a long, long time ago. I wore it after I had Logan and I've been wearing it all summer, but it's all bagged out from the boys climbing me with their feet in the pool, and when the bottoms get wet, they literally fall down if I don't hold them up with my hand. It ain't pretty.
Anyway, I just stopped by a few stores because the suits are all on major clearance right now and we're going to be heading up north for one more vacation before Logan's school starts. I was hoping I could get something that didn't look so horrible or threaten to bare all.
Well, I guess I should have looked a little earlier! The suits are so picked-over that it's near impossible to find a matching top and bottom. I found two bottoms I liked, but wasn't able to find a matching top that fit the girls, thanks to breastfeeding! Usually I can find a top, no problem, but the bottoms are hard to find.
So there I was, crammed into the dressing room with Logan threatening to open the door, crawling under it, crawling back in while I'm tangled up in these nasty little straps that were supposed to criss-cross on my back but were instead doing their best to strangle me. Jordan was in the carrier on the floor, taking up the majority of the dressing room space, and nothing fit. It was far from fun. I wanted to cry. Well, maybe I did cry a little but don't tell anyone. It reminded me of those old Cathy cartoons. She was always doing battle with a bathing suit.
Bathing suit shopping always tends to be a little traumatic, but any post-baby mom can tell you, it's a lot worse when you've got the Mummy Tummy going on. I have 18 pounds to go to get to my pre-baby weight, and I wasn't exactly a bikini model then anyway. Add that to the fact that I desperately need a bikini wax, (but have never had one. too scared.) and you've got a recipe for disaster.
After the third store, I gave up. I am probably just going to wear the gross bathing suit on this vacation, and I'll probably have to wear it to the baby's swim classes this winter, too, until next year's suits come out or my old one fits me again.
I just hope no one gets an eyeful on the beach when we're on vacation or when I'm attempting to climb out of the community center pool with a baby in my arms.
Hmmm... On second thought, maybe I'll try again today.