Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey, it could be worse!

I seem to have an extremely fussy 6-month-old on my hands!
For about a week now, it's been very very difficult to get him to sleep, and once he's finally sleeping in his bed, he wakes up a bunch of times screaming. Every so often, all night long, I'm up out of bed working to get the baby back to sleep. It adds up to not nearly enough sleep for either of us, so the crankiness carries into the day.
All I can think is that it must be teething issues. Jordan just had his 6-month doctor's appointment on Monday, and the doc said there are no problems with his ears or anything, though he tugs at them sometimes. Since his bottom two teeth are partially in, the doc said he's likely working on the top ones. Joy.
This was the point that we really screwed things up when Logan was a baby, so I'm trying to avoid that. When he was going through this stage, it was easier to just let him come into our bed. He was so small, he took up a tiny bit of room, and he slept really peacefully there.
What we didn't know was that it would escalate into a real hassle. I saw the other day that I jotted in the baby book "Logan has to re-learn how to sleep in his own room every time he gets a tooth!" Well, eventually he decided he just didn't want to go to bed in his own room, and it took us three years to change that. Now he goes to his own bed with no problems at all, but it was definitely not always that way. We've gone through sleeping in his room with him, letting him fall asleep in our bed then carrying him to his room, "crying it out," and everything in between. I'm really hoping to avoid all that with Jordan.
So, anyway, I'm tired. We're all tired. But this, too, shall pass, and soon I hope.
What you're tired, it can make little problems that pop up during an average day seem bigger than they are, simply because you don't have the energy to deal with them. Lately, I've been able to kind of deal with it by thinking, "Well, at least I'm not dealing with brown sludge in my house."
You see, we had those heavy storms last weekend that dumped more than 6 inches of rain here in a very short time. Our whole town flooded and this county is in an official State of Emergency. By now, the water has begun receding and the roads are being reopened, but all the spots where the water was standing are covered with this really stinky brown layer of grossness. I think of those poor people, like the ones who posted the above sign in their front yard, who had that nasty river water in their homes, and I feel lucky that we're not dealing with that.
And then there's my best friend. The poor thing is beside herself because the city sewer (yeah, the poop-filled one) backed up THREE FEET of POOP WATER into her basement. Everything that is down there has to be thrown away, including the flooring and walls.
They had tons of stuff stored down there, including the special Christmas gifts they had just bought their kids on a vacation to the Mall of America. All of it has to be tossed.
Not only that, she has had to go online and find every item she wants to replace, and print out a sheet showing the item and how much it costs. It might not sound like a big task, but they're collectors, so they had all these Disney movies that are "back in the vault" and can't be replaced and other things they'd found on eBay or wherever and can't replace. Her husband had some mint-condition E.T. stuff fron when he was a kid, and they can't even find those things online.
What a mess.
So, anyway, if you're feeling bad about something relatively minor today, just remind yourself, it could be worse. Your stuff could be soaked with poop water, or you could have a nasty indoor swimming pool in your basement!