Thursday, August 13, 2009

The snack trap!

Oh my goodness!
So, I had already eaten some hamburger and a banana for breakfast yesterday (yes, hamburger. I have a thing for plain browned ground beef. I just eat it out of a bowl.) when I was driving to my friend's house and felt a bit loopy, so I pulled into Tim Horton's for a snack. I love their cinnamon raisin bagels--just plain, not toasted, no butter or cream cheese or anything--so I got one of those and Logan asked if he could have a couple Tim Bit donut holes as a treat, and I agreed. I also chose two blueberry glazed ones for myself, because they sounded so good.
I chowed that snack in no time flat and felt better with some carbs in my system, and continued on to my destination.
Later, I got home and went to enter my food for the day into and had to do a search to get the nutrition info for the snack I'd had.
ONE TEENY TINY TIM BIT is 70 calories! I put away a very tasty, but not very hunger-satisfying 140 calories in probably 5 seconds. I was appalled. Those tiny donut holes are something I could easily eat 10 of without a second thought. They seem so harmless. I know I have, at some point, eaten 10 of them in short order. 700 calories! Holy cow!
The bagel was pretty bad, too, at 270 calories, but at least it's bigger, sticks with you more, and has 10 grams of protein and I think 3 grams of fiber. Not COMPLETELY bad.
So, I had a 410-calorie snack. Oops!
I will think a little harder now about the "quick little somethings" that I am putting in my mouth, that's for sure!