Monday, August 10, 2009

Can you believe it?!

So, I was outside at the end of last week and I answered the phone, and it was a telemarketer from Sears calling.
Normally, I wouldn't have answered this call, but I was already on the phone so I let her say her piece. She was asking me if I wanted to buy some sort of Master Plan for service on our piece of crap dryer, because a service agreement we had on it was about to expire.
I told her no, we wouldn't be putting any more money into that hunk of junk, thankyouverymuch, and she asked if we'd had problems with it. I told her yes, and she gave me a toll-free number to call to get someone out for service. She advised me to do it very quickly because our service agreement ends Tuesday (tomorrow).
Well, the dryer was malfunctioning worse than usual on Friday night, so I called the number. It was pretty late, but I still got through and scheduled an appointment for Saturday.
The repair man was to arrive sometime between 1 and 5 p.m. so we were ready for a day of waiting, but he called at 12:45 and said he was almost here. He got here just before 1, diagnosed the problem, ordered the part to be shipped to our house, and said to call back when the part gets here and they'll come back out and replace it.
The part alone--a new control panel--cost $275. Factor in a service call to diagnose the problem and another call to install it and we would have been out a lot of money! Because I called before our service plan expired, none of this cost us a penny!
I just can't believe it actually did me GOOD to answer a telemarketer call! Thank goodness that woman told me to call about the problem right away.
Just goes to show, there is some good in everything. Even telemarketing.