Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phys Ed.: Workout of the Week (month?)

Well, I decided I want to do some sort of circuit workout this week, but was frankly too lazy to make anything up, so I grabbed my copy of Jillian Michaels' "Making the Cut" and did the first workout from that book last night.
"Making the Cut" has some pretty different workouts in it. It's a 30-day program that's supposed to be pretty intense, and instead of doing weights one day and cardio the next, you do these all-in-one circuits. There is some strength training, cardio, functional-type exercises and also some plyometric style moves all mixed in together. I was dripping with sweat after last night's workout!

Here's what the Day 1 workout looks like, just so you know how i'm punishing myself:
(I did a 5 minute warm-up on stationary bike)
20 single-arm dumbbell (DB) presses on stability ball
15 DB flyes on stability ball with crunch at the top
50 fast squats (body weight)
one-minute sprint at 7 mph
10-second plank
5 close-grip push-ups
side plank with 10 inner thigh raises (each side)
5-second plank
5 close-grip pushups
side plank with 10 inner thigh raises (each side)
5 second plank
10 burpees
50 sumo squats (body weight)
one-minute sprint at 7 mph
20 frog pushups (i couldn't do these, so i did sissy push-ups)
20 squat thrusts
30-second static squat
W shoulder presses with leg extension (10 per leg)
1-minute jump rope
20 bench dips
rope tricep presses to muscle failure
static lunges with lateral shoulder raise (10 per leg)
1-minute of mountain climbers
30-second boat pose (AKA a V-sit)
1-minute jump rope
50 bicycle crunches
30-second extended plank (arms farther out front)
crawl home and die!

Really, though, i was so red-faced and sweaty. a few times in there i felt like i was working a little too hard, so i'd rest a few seconds.

I did the Day 2 workout today and it was equally brutal. There are so many different exercises in there, there's no chance of being bored, that's for sure. Today included lots of lunge varieties and uphill running (5.5 mph at a 10 incline!) OUCH! I was red-faced and sweaty again.

Day 3 is listed as an "off" day, so i'll probably kick back on the bike with a book or just go for a nice walk or something tomorrow. Easy recovery cardio.

Days 4 and 5 are repeats of Days 1 and 2, i think, and then 6 and 7 are off days again.

should be a good week! (if i can walk...)