Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Detroit Zoo trip

On Friday my best friend and I took our kids to the Detroit Zoo. She got a season pass, which means I get to tag along any old time. Lucky me!

Anyway, it's a decent drive to the zoo from our house. Somewhere in the hour and a half range, depending on traffic, but it's a nice place to visit. Lots of animals, a decent playground, a train to ride, paths to walk on, etc. We've never even gone to any of the indoor shows or anything like that.

The kids were all goofing around, happy to see each other, which was nice. Her daughter is usually in school during our play dates, so it was special to have her along for a change.

The animals? Well, kind of lethargic as usual. Same old animals lying around in the sun.

The prairie dog exhibit is fun. The kids can go down this path and pop up in these domes, right in the middle of the prairie dog habitat. Logan was THRILLED when he popped up and there was a prairie dog standing right by his dome.

We walked through the kangaroo exhibit. The kids practiced jumping like a kangaroo.

The kangaroos were lethargic, too.

Logan asked if he could get some cotton candy (GROSS!) He had never had it before, so I said yes. The bags looked pretty big to me, so I figured all three kids could share a bag.

Logan got kind of sticky, but he liked it.

Logan looking cute on a display garden path

Logan loving me in the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit

Jordan chilled in the backpack all day. He was beyond ready for a nap when we GOT to the zoo so I didn't know what to expect out of him, but he did fine. He was pretty quiet. I actually forgot about him a couple times.

Then, right before we left, he zonked. Hard.

So, yeah, we had fun, and we'll go back again this summer and fall, I'm sure. We hear the animals are a little more active once the weather cools in the fall, so we'll have to check it out.


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