Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A while back, I wrote about my son's faux-hawk that I gave him in place of his requested real mohawk.

Well, over the past couple weeks, he's been asking me to buzz off his hair for summer. I did it at his request last year. He liked it. I didn't. I like my son's hair. He's got a good head of hair. I think he looks much sweeter with hair, even if it's tortured into a faux-hawk.

BUT... He's five, he's starting to test his independence and feel out who he is and where he stands in this world. I could come up with no real reasons to deny his request for a military cut. We have no big photo opps coming up, nothing aside from a family wedding to attend next month, and it will have time to grow back by the time school rolls around in the fall. Plus, his head will be cooler AND it will save me the cost of a couple hair cuts this summer. The only argument I had against it was personal preference, and it's not MY hair.

So... I gave in and scalped my son, much as it pained me to do so.

I still don't like it, but he's still my sweet son, so I love him anyway, even if his hair looks goofy.

I think back to the things I did to my hair throughout my life. I convinced my mom to let me get poodle perms and get my long, pretty hair cut off in elementary school. I trimmed my own bangs with scissors (and blamed it on the neighbor girl) right before first-grade school pictures. I grew it back out. In college, I chopped my long, pretty hair up to my cheekbones and dyed it midnight black.

I think back to when I was dating my Hubby. He had longer hair than I did (and MAN the guy has a great head of hair. I'd kill for hair that thick and healthy!) and he took some flack for it from both his parents and mine. Now he wears it super short, almost in a military cut himself.

Whatever. It's just hair. And I'm sure the boys will test me with much more appearance-wise as they grow.

What about you? How much independence do you let your small children have as far as their appearance goes?