Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh yumminess

We're starting to enjoy fresh things out of my garden.


A variety of lettuces

First couple strawberries

Logan's been sitting on the deck just eating fennel and dill out of my herb containers, too. I have to keep stopping him.

Other things are still growing well

Cherry tomatoes

Radishes and carrots

Lettuces, cauliflower, onions, kale, collards and spinach in my salad table

Potatoes (this is kind of an experiment. I've never grown any potatoes before. I know I have to keep adding more dirt on top of them as they grow.)

I just got some old throwaway cucumber plants yesterday, too. I hope it's not too late. I will plant them today and see if I get anything.

I had some BERAUTIFUL sweet red pepper plants that I started from seed in peat pots way back when it was winter, and boy, were they looking good. It was just about time to put them outside. I had them in my son's garden window, and then when Hubby and I went hiking, I FORGOT TO TELL MY MOM ABOUT THEM! The blinds were closed on that window and she couldn't see them and they totally burned up. I am so bummed! I was excited about them. I love sweet red peppers.

Oh well. At least my brown thumb is turning a little bit greener each year.

Oh, and the earwigs are back!!! Aaaargh!