Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lettuce have a salad!

Well, the garden experiment hasn't been a total waste this year. We've had fresh things here and there and I've learned a lot.
Yesterday, I harvested my second round of Grand Rapids lettuce. I planted several varieties of lettuce, including some multicolored heirlooms that I didn't much care for, but this is the only one that really did well. I still have some romaine growing and it appears to be healthy but still small. As long as the bugs don't get it, I should have some in a couple weeks.
Anyway, I picked all the Grand Rapids yesterday because it was getting ready to bolt, so now I have this giant bowl of lettuce in my fridge.

But... When I first brought the bowl of lettuce in from the garden, I plunked it down on the kitchen table and... earwigs started crawling out of it! Yuck!
If you don't know what earwigs are, they're these inch-long hideous bugs with pincers on their behinds. Really creepy. I hate them so much!

I was screaming like a little girl and bashing them with a cup. The thing about earwigs is they might appear dead, so you go to get a tissue to scoop them up and throw them away and then you realize that while you were getting the tissue, the earwige "came back to life" and skittered away, only to surprise you later by falling out of the phone or your bath towel. HATE THEM!
However, I guess dealing with bugs is all part of eating homegrown organic produce, right? I washed all the lettuce, drowned a bunch of earwigs, and now I'm enjoying my harvest. Yesterday I had a greek salad pita for lunch with lettuce, cucumber and red bell pepper out of my own back yard, along with feta and greek olives. Mmmm! Good stuff!


Christina said...

You're brave. I couldn't have eaten something I saw bugs crawling out of...even though I know probably worse things are happening to store bought food, at least I don't see it. LOL