Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's talk about style, bay-bee!

Hmmm... yeah.
I need some help here!
Really, though. I catch an episode here and there of What Not to Wear, and I have to admit, I am usually much closer to the "before" than the "after!"
I have absolutely zero sense of style. I don't know what's "in" by a long shot, and if I did, I wouldn't have any idea how to apply that to my own life.
I stood in front of my closet and took a critical look. I can honestly say that I have very little that could be considered stylish. I actually have very few clothes. I have a dresser full of ratty old T-shirts. I have ONE pair of jeans that I can wear, and they're the most horrid Mom Jeans that I bought cheap after I had Logan. I have no nice sweaters, a few sweatshirts, and I have a couple decent T-shirts and pairs of shorts that I got at Kohl's earlier in the summer, thanks to a gift card from Hubby. For the most part, there is nothing of real quality in my closet.
And dressy clothes? Well, I have a standard black skirt that I bought in about 1998 (I am NOT exaggerating) for $6 on the clearance rack at Target, and that's my stand-by when I have to dress up for a wedding or funeral. I have some (cheap) casual dress clothes that I wore to shreds while I was working as a reporter. None of them fit me right now, but I'm saving them, I guess, for "what-if," whatever that may be.
One of my problems is that I don't buy quality stuff for myself. I dont' know if it's because I don't feel like I'm worth it, or if I'm just cheap, or what. It is probably a little of both. After all, I'm at home wiping butts all day every day. What do I need nice clothes for? The clearance rack at Kohl's or Wal-Mart is good enough for me!
But it is a little depressing to realize that if I had a date with Hubby or a wedding or a funeral, I only have shabby stuff to wear.
I am hoping to buy a couple things this fall. A decent pair of jeans, a pair of black slacks, some black flats (Goodness I wish I could wear heels, but my feet are so messed up!). I'd like to get a nice sweater. I'd just like to make an effort to look nicer. But there's a problem: I have no idea how to do that! Not only that, I don't see how I can justify spending money on clothes for me, when Hubby's the one at work all day, every day. It's more important that he look nice for work and Logan look nice for school.
Anyway, style is something I wrestle with. I need a guru to help me out. Maybe I should get my friend Ashley to go shopping with me. She ALWAYS looks soooo put together and fashionable. What do you say, Ash? Care to help out?
For now, I guess I'll just throw on the Mom Jeans and old race T-shirt.
Poor Hubby!


Mellissa said...

Do you have a Macy's anywhere near you? They offer personal shoppers that are VERY helpful and will work with you to find you a style that works.

Target has a pretty decent selection of clothes- I think good basics are a pair of dark jeans, a pair of "regular" jeans, a few colored shirts, a white shirt, a skirt, flats and boots. If you have an outlet mall near you Banana and Gap always have really good deals on basics.