Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, fall's here! Want to know how I know? Logan has a cold!

At least, I'm assuming it's a cold and not something worse, like strep. He's not feverish, so I think it's just a cold. It sure came on suddenly, though.

Yesterday we had a play date at my best friend's house (by the way, I helped her start a blog and she made her first post this morning. It's HERE) and when we were getting ready to leave, I noticed Logan was kind of stuffed up. I assumed it was probably because they have a couple dogs and we're not around dog hair that much so sometimes we get a little stuffy when we're there. No biggie.

But then, in the car on the way home (all of a 20-minute drive) he went from stuffy to sneezing, coughing, sore throat and tired, glassy eyes. He said he just wanted to lay down. He didn't eat much for dinner (I bribed him with a hot dog and a popsicle) and he got a nice warm bath and shower and went to bed early.

Then it was a night of requests for ice water, Kleenex, pull my covers up mom (apparently he still can't do this for himself even though he's 4. grrr...) etc. Between that and the baby waking up a couple times. It was a longish night, but I've had worse.

This morning he's still really really congested, so instead of going shopping today like we were going to do, we're just going to hang out here at home. I'm going to make him some homemade chicken brown rice soup (YUM!) and we might step out to get some OJ, more popsicles and Kleenex because we're out. Oh, and maybe a movie, because if I have to hear one more re-run of Dinosaur Train I might go a little bonkers. Well, except the one with Morris the Stegosaurus. He's funny. Why they gave a dinosaur a "stoner" voice is beyond me, but he makes me laugh.

Anyway, looks like that's my day today! No doubt I'll be ready to hit the gym for a little alone time when Hubby gets home, because the baby is going through a big-time MOMMY phase. He wants me, and only me, to hold him ALL THE TIME! I love him to pieces, but it gets old rather quickly! I just hope he doesn't get Logan's cold. We've made it 7 months without him getting sick AT ALL.

Have a great day everyone, and get your vitamin C! It's that time of year!


Mellissa said...

Oooh, poor Logan. I hope he is feeling better.

Unknown said...

Poor thing! I really hope it's a short term thing like mine has been! I woke up with a sore throat & the next thing I knew it had taken over fully but only for a day. I started feeling better after having only one really bad day! Hugs to Logan!

Christina said...

I hope Logan gets better and that Jordan doesnt catch it. Sick babies are NO fun :(