Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I feel like a cartoon!

I had the weirdest accident this morning.
It was (is) still dark out, and I was still in bed. Jordan started crying, so I got up to tend to him.
In our bedroom window, we have a little cactus plant and also one of those big square-shaped fans. It blows in cool air from outside at night. When I got up, the fan was still on, so I was going to turn it off on my way out of the room. I reached up and in my still-sleepy clumsiness, I knocked the fan over backward onto the cactus plant, then when I set it back upright, it blew dozens of cactus pickers directly into my face, hands and arms!
Now I have all these itchy, stingy spots that have little pickers sticking out of them, all over me. I can feel them if I run a hand down my face or arm. It's very very uncomfortable. I was afraid to pick Jordan up. Thank goodness none got in my eyes though.
Anyway, I'm about to go try to exfoliate them off in the shower. Hopefully it works.
All I can think of is Wile E. Coyote, when the roadrunner tricks him into running through a cactus or something.

Hope the rest of the day goes better! This was a pretty rude awakening!