Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A is for apple

Yesterday I went with Logan's preschool to the cider mill for a field trip.

I was all ready to go, with visions in my head of a crisp blue sky, apples, sunflowers, pumpkins and all sorts of fall-y goodness. I wanted to take some beautiful photos to share here, but it just didn't work out that way. The sky was full of dark clouds for most of the field trip and it was kind of muddy. It just didn't really FEEL like the idealistic autumn cider mill trip. (And yeah, let's face it, I had high expectations.)

There were some good points to the short trip, though. Jordan rode in the backpack carrier for the first time. I think he's too big for the Snugli front carrier now. He doesn't like to be in it for very long, but he seemed to be pretty comfortable in the backpack. He could grab big handsful of my hair, and he was up high so he could see a lot.

We watched how cider was made and Logan made me nervous because he was close to the machine and I was afraid he'd try to touch it or something. It probably wouldn't have hurt him but I'm that paranoid mom who is always sure her kid's going to get hurt.

We had cider and donuts and Jordan got his first taste of donut. I'm sure no one is surprised he liked it!

Then we got some fresh bread, apples, pumpkin spice donuts and some cider to bring home. For dinner we had pork roast, bread and salad with apples and cider vinaigrette, and donuts for dessert. MMMMM tasty!

So, due to the clouds and the fact that everything was just not all that pretty and fall-y looking yet, I didn't get great photos. Here are a couple anyway. The cider mill is just around the corner from our house, so we'll go back in a few weeks and take pics with the pumpkins and stuff.

The cider mill when we first got there, right before the dark clouds rolled in.

Logan got Black Jack gum as a treat. He's a black jelly bean kind of kid. I told him to put it over his teeth and smile, because that's what my mom told me they used to do with it.

a pretty gourd flower in the field

Me and Joey. Don't know why I look like I'm in pain. Joe's eating a strap. Straps are his favorite chew toy. He always gets hold of the GROSS one on his car seat. The one that hangs on the floor and gets stepped on, etc. Then he gets really mad when I freak out and take it away. This Kelty backpack carrier is great, though. It allowed us to take Logan out backpacking when he was a baby and we'll take both kids next year because Logan's old enough to hike a few miles to a campsite now.

Logan and a sunflower

apples on their way to becoming either cider or bagged for sale, depending on their size.

I love fall in Michigan! I hope we have a nice long one this year since we kind of got gypped out of summer.