Saturday, September 5, 2009

but it's only September!!!

Good morning!

No big plans this Labor Day weekend, since we just got home from a vacation a week ago. It's kind of nice, we'll just be chilling at home and doing stuff around here.

School starts next week, but this morning as we snuggled, Logan and I were already mentally in October. For one thing, he is TERRIFIED because he has shots coming up on Oct. 6. He didn't have any recollection of shots whatsoever until his baby brother came along and he saw the baby getting his vaccinations. Then we scheduled his well-child checkup, and he's been upset about it ever since, because he found out he has shots coming up. Literally all summer, he's been dreading the arrival of October, because he knows he gets shots in October. I wish I'd kept my big mouth shut!

Another reason we're thinking of October is that Logan spotted a Halloween USA store being set up in our town. He's excited to go there and check out the costumes. We have been talking about what he's going to be and he has settled on a police officer (after briefly considering "army guy" and "firefighter.")

I'm not a big fan of store-bought costumes. Logan's very first costume was a prefab one, because I always wanted to have a baby dressed as a peapod for Halloween. He was 6 months old, so it was perfect.

The next year, I made him a simple monkey costume, because we called him our little monkey all the time. It turned out SO cute! All I did is sew some felt ears, a fuzzy tummy and a tail made of a clothes hanger and felt onto a brown hooded sweatshirt, and I bought him a plastic banana. It was a HUGE hit! I am SO not a seamstress, but my uneven, quirky stitching didn't show and everyone seemed to love it.

The following year, Logan was obsessed with farms, so he wanted to be a farmer. His costume was actually just some of the clothes he already had, and to me, it didn't look much like a costume, but he was happy with it. He wore his green John Deere T-shirt, denim overalls, a green flannel shirt and he had a John Deere handkerchief in his pocket. I found a little metal bucket that I thought looked like a milking pail, and that was his treat bucket.

Last year, he decided he wanted to be a "happy pumpkin, not a scary pumpkin" so I asked my mom to make him a jack-o-lantern costume. She had made me a pumpkin costume when I was younger and was happy to make a little one for Logan. We chose calico fabrics and stuffed him with plastic bags to make him round. I found a green stocking cap at the dollar store and sewed a piece of fake ivy to the top as his stem. He looked sweet.

So, I'm looking forward to putting together a police officer costume for him this year. I have considered making some sort of costume so Jordan can be the "bad guy" but I'm not sure if that's cute or just mean! He will be almost 9 months old, so I don't think the peapod costume is going to fit him.

I was also thinking of all the things I dressed up as when I was little: a clown, a ballerina, Laura Ingalls Wilder (everyone thought I was dressed as Holly Hobby, so my mom had to put one of those "hello my name is:" stickers on me so people would know who I was supposed to be!), a ladybug, a pumpkin, a ghost and a cat. I haven't dressed up since elementarty school! Well, I did once a couple years ago, to take Logan to Crossroads Village for trick-or-treating with my best friend and her kids. I wore one of my old dance costumes and went as a "saloon girl." (Yeah, a prostitute, but an old-fashioned one!) that's me on the left...

Hmmm.... It would be fun to dress up again... i wonder what i could be this year.