Monday, September 7, 2009

In the blink of an eye

Where has the time gone?
One year ago, I was at that point in my pregnancy with Jordan that I just looked like I'd been eating a few too many Krispy Kremes. I was wearing clothes that accented my growing belly so people would realize it wasn't just chub.
Less than two months later, I was sentenced to bed rest for the longest winter in history. From Oct. 29, 2008 to Feb. 6, 2009, I remained on the couch, and poor Logan was imprisoned with me. I snuck out on Halloween to drive the car while he trick-or-treated with Daddy, but I pretty much missed out on most of the Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers. I thought that time would never end. It dragged on and on until, one day, it was gone in a flash.
I went to the hospital and was induced, and on Feb. 7, my due date, Jordan Thomas Johns came into this world.

Now, all of a sudden, he's seven months old!
In the blink of an eye he went from this tiny little blob of a human to a child with a real personality. He's starting to be more fun, especially now that he can sit up. He still topples over once in a while, but he's getting stronger every day. He has two teeth on the bottom and I'm pretty sure he's working on the top ones. He smiles and laughs often, but still cries a lot too (the teething?). He loves baths and discovered the most fun bath toy--his boy bits--the other night.

He's been sampling all different kinds of baby foods and has his preferences, and today, he had his first REAL food, good old Cheerios! It was hilarious watching him try to pick them up, and if one happened to stick to his hand, he would try so hard to get it in his mouth. I don't think he succeeded at all, but Logan was very helpful and got a huge kick out of feeding Cheerios to his baby brother. Plain Cheerios are still Logan's favorite cereal, so he's happy Jordan likes them too.

It's been a wild ride the past seven months. Logan went from being quite unsure about his brother, to deciding he didn't really like him at all, to accepting him as a permanent member of the family and now he likes him.

As for Hubby and I, we've learned how to be parents to two kids. We've learned to take them camping and work together to make it an enjoyable experience for all of us. We've learned that our hearts can easily grow to accommodate another child without taking any love away from the first.

When I found out I was pregnant with Jordan, I had no idea how I was going to be a mom to another child. Now I know, you just do it. Somehow, it works, and works well.
Now I couldn't imagine life without my man and my two boys.

I am the luckiest person on the planet!


Ang said...

As a mommy to 4, I still had that "Do I have enough love to spare?" The answer was always Yes, it is amazing how every one of my kiddos has fit right in. I totally love the first pic with his cute little mohawk.