Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sonless days, sunless days

My mom picked Logan up from school yesterday and took him up north with her until Thursday, so with Hubby at work all day, it's just me and Jordan. Of course, it would just so happen that his third tooth is popping through so he's a crabby drooly snotty screamy mess, but I love the one on one time just the same.

It's kind of weird around here without Logan, though. Kind of lonely and quiet without his constant jabber. I can't be too sad, though. He was SO EXCITED to go up north and spend a few days with his grandparents. It's quite an adventure for him to go so far away without me or his dad. He did say he was going to miss his little brother, though, and was going to take him along. *melt*

The weird thing is, it dawned bright and sunny and gorgeous yesterday and then after Logan left, it got cold, windy and rainy. It's like the weather even misses him, or something.

Today I have baby swim class with my little guy (who better wake up soon beause we have to go!) and NO OTHER PLANS! I am going to do some work to get my Autumn Leaves Giveaway Event rolling, hopefully this weekend, and I am planning to make chili for dinner because it's just one of those kind of days. Chilly weather = chili dinner. Yum.

It's Biggest Loser night, too! Yay! I did my workout DVD this morning, so I won't feel guilty if I take the night off from the gym. Well, maybe a little guilty, since it really wasn't cardio at all. Maybe I'll go for a short jog later if it's not pouring.

I miss my Logi Bear, but I'm going to go make some noise and see if I can get my Joey Bug up for some sweet baby snuggles before swim time.


Mellissa said...

A lot of us have been making chili this week, must be fall!