Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Enter sandmen!

We were surrounded by sand on our vacation. We went camping along the shores of Lake Michigan, in the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes national recreation area, and then had a hotel room on a sandy beach in Traverse City.
Logan LOVES sand. He rolls in it. He bathes in it. He makes sand angels. He throws it. It's amazing to watch when he gets around sand, and now it appears Jordan is going to be the same way. He was quite content to just be plopped down in the sand. He dug his little fingers and toes into the sand and tasted it from time to time. He was totally in awe the first time his little feet touched the sand. It was precious.
Part of the national rec. area is the Dune Climb, where you go to... wait for it... climb a dune! It's a cool place and we usually go there several times when we're up there. The view from the top is great and the run back down is exhilarating!
Anyway, thought I'd share some of our sandy vacation photos. Enjoy!

Logan jumping off the top of the Dune Climb

Sand angel

Jordan enjoying his first sand experience