Wednesday, September 30, 2009

soreness and moreness

Good morning!

It's day 4 of the Body After Baby Challenge!

Yesterday went well. I did my Pure Barre DVD in the morning and boy, my hamstrings are sore today! In the afternoon, I also took Jordan out for a 30-minute walk.

I also tracked my food! Yay me!
breakfast was cafe mocha and yogurt before swim class
apple and peanut butter after swim class

lunch was a smart ones cranberry turkey meal
and a couple slices of deli chicken lunch meat

i grabbed a half ounce of almonds in the afternoon

dinner was chili with corn muffins and a little cheddar on top

treat during the Biggest Loser was splitting a beer with hubby and some Vosges chocolate

I ended up right around 2000 calories. I'm shooting for 1900-2100 a day (Remember I'm nursing. That's why the numbers are so high)

Samantha at Mama Notes has posted a mini challenge for the week for the BAB participants. We get a point for each glass of water we drank. I am counting every 8 ounces as a glass, and yesterday I got in 14 glasses! Yay me!

So there you have it. Day three was a total success as far as Body After Baby goes. I also did dishes and got all the laundry WASHED, FOLDED and PUT AWAY, and I made dinner and did baby swim class and went to the library and found time to actually get on the floor with Jordan and play.

Now let's see if I can make Day 4 a success too.

Hubby and I both fell asleep last night before 9! I painted my nails (another accomplishment! I even did a base and two coats of color, AND my toenails!) and was planning to watch the whole show. Next thing I know, my snoring woke me up and I was on the couch and I looked over and Hubby was snoring in the chair. It was 8:52, and we are clearly lame.

That's OK, though, because my not-so-friendly rival Insomnia came to call again this morning, meaning I was up at 3 and didn't fall back asleep until about 4:40. I have no idea why I can't go back to sleep after Jordan wakes me at night. He had somehow kicked out of the bottom half of his jammies and was COLD, so I had to get up and re-dress him. Then I was just UP.

But... As soon as I moved from my bed to the couch at 4:30, I fell asleep. Somehow I sleep better on our couch. Probably because it's comfy and new and soft like a big puffy marshmallow!

Anyway, that's it. I'm off to watch the end of Biggest Loser and have some coffee.


Christina said...

Good job yesterday! I know you can make today another great one. :)