Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to the battleground

Three days after returning home, I've finally returned to my pre-vacation weight. I knew I would if I was just patient for a few days. Didn't lose anything on vacation, but that's OK. I ate more than we usually do on vacation and I was less active than we usually are (probably thanks to the rain) so I'm good with just maintaining.
But now that I'm home, I'm ready to keep the loss going so I guess that means starting to track what I eat again on
Exercise has been tricky, though. I didn't work out the whole week and a half of vacation, and now that we're home, the gym is closed for its annual maintenance period until next week! I would normally go out for a run at night during the gym shutdown, but my feet have been bothering me so much, I know I would just be asking for trouble if I did that. I hobble around enough at night as it is.
I have just a couple exercise DVDs that I might do, if Jordan will stop fussing long enough for me to actually do one! The kid HAS to be teething. He is so fussy and has been difficult to get to bed lately. He fussed ALL. DAY. LONG. yesterday. Eventually, though, I escaped to a bath!
Anyway, I'm stepping back onto the battlefield in this war against the baby weight. I'm ready to lose the mummy tummy and all the other extras. Well, except the boobs. I might miss those just a little bit! I have about five months left to actually have a chest!