Friday, June 11, 2010

Tee ball

We're four games into the 10-game tee-ball season. Logan's first.

So far, he's loving it. It's so adorable to watch and in just four games, it's great to see the kids improving greatly, at least as far as knowing what to do, and when. Some (most) of them still can't hit or catch worth a hoot, but I haven't seen one kid cry out of frustration, even if they have to try 26 times before they manage to make contact with the ball.

I've seen a few kids take pretty hard hits from the ball. Most of the, though, cry for a minute (you KNOW that hurts!) and then run back to the field amidst a wave of cheers.

Everyone seems to be having a good time. It's even better now that I've realized it's definitely worth the hassle to haul the Super Yard there for Jordan. He has fun playing in there with some toys I only let him have during tee ball.

There are no outs, no winners, and each game consists of three innings. It's about as simplified as you can get, and I am so happy that my little Logan is having such a good time playing.

A few pics. My "action" ones stink, thanks to my not-so-stellar camera, but whatever!

This first one is my favorite. Logan was just hanging out on the fence before his first game.

I love watching his skinny little butt run around out there. He pays attention and everything. It's so cute!

I didn't have my camera with me (shocking, I know!), but last night he finally got to play first base. He's been wanting to do that for a while. As he stood there, he was chatting up every player from the other team as they stopped at first.

A kid named Kristopher was on first and I could hear Logan, "My dad's name is Christopher. But his is with a C. Yours is with a K."

Well, at least he's friendly and outgoing! I don't think he'll have any trouble making friends in kindergarten in the fall!