Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just eat it, please!

I know there are people out there who have kids that are good eaters. At certain points in their lives, my kids have even been good eaters, but frankly, that's the exception, not the rule.

These days, neither of them are eating very well. Logan is picky as always, will not touch one single fruit in any form besides the occasional raisins and hates dairy products. I can get chocolate milk into him once in a while. He eats a decent amount of veggies, and prefers them raw. He'll usually eat meat, but it's a fight sometimes.

Jordan WILL NOT EAT A VEGETABLE! If he sees them on his tray, he flings them. I am starting to get seriously worried. We eat lots of veggies in this family. He sees us all eating them, every meal. He will not touch them. I keep offering them in various forms, and he won't even taste them. He just flings them.

He loves fruits, though. He eats a lot of fruit. But doesn't really want any meat either. The kid does his best to live on fruit and dairy. The two things Logan won't touch. If Jordan had his choice, it would be bananas and cottage cheese at every meal.

Peel it first, please!

I think I might try some of that Kid Greens vitamin stuff for Jordan. I am also going to try to sneak more veggies in somewhere. He did eat the veggie lasagna my mom made, since they were smothered in sauce and cheese!

Both will eat bread and pasta, to some extent. And yes, I serve whole grain stuff *most* of the time. (Crescent rolls, anyone? Um, yeah! Especially when I'm PMS-ing!) Oh, and if Kraft mac N cheese is on the table, the two boys will easily demolish a box and want more.

I don't know. It's just frustrating. It feels like I'm doing something wrong, and I worry they're not getting all the nutrients they need.

I guess all we can do is continue to try to set a good example, offer the good stuff and hope that their tastes develop and they end up eating well-balanced, healthy meals.

Do your kids have odd eating habits?
Do they refuse things they need, like fruits, veggies and milk?
How do you encourage them to eat the things they don't want to eat?