Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, we're home from a very nice vacation to upper lower Michigan.

If you're not familiar, Michigan is made of two separate peninsulas connected by the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge. We live in the lower peninsula, and started our vacation with three nights of camping at Wilderness State Park along Lake Michigan in the northern part of the lower peninsula, not far from the bridge.

Last year was the first time we visited Wilderness. It was the first place Jordan ever camped. He was 4 months old at the time. We really liked the park and it was an easy decision to go back there this year, and this time Jordan was actually old enough to enjoy the experience as well.

As soon as we arrived and chose a campsite, we set up and headed right down to the beach. Both boys plunged directly into the lake.

Logan splashed around and had a blast.

Jordan lost his footing and fell in, which made him cry.

Then we found this pretty little stream up the beach a short way. It was an outlet for a pond at the park, and the stream ran right behind our campsite. Jordan really loved playing in this ice-cold, shallow stream. There was even a nice log he could climb on.

We followed it in a little way and found a tiny waterfall where he played with rocks and frogs.

The boys got good and sandy, too.

Back at camp, we found we had set up next to some people with kids. The little boy was Logan's age, and soon we discovered there were a few boys right around Logan's age and they ALL had red bikes! Logan had his training wheels on when we got to the campground, but he had been wanting them off, so Hubby took the tools along and ended up taking them off.

It was so cool for Logan that there were all these little boys to play with. The paranoid mom in me was going crazy because they would disappear for a half hour at a time, riding bikes, playing on the swings and visiting each other's campsites. It was adorable to see all these five-year-old boys on red bikes, running in a pack.

They rode around the campground and through the woods, played soccer, frisbee and catch and crossed the stream behind our camp on logs. Precious. They were all nice boys, too, for which I was grateful. Logan had a great time with Cole, the "boy next door," and he plans to send him an e-mail. Awwwwww!

Jordan had a great time running up and down the small hill behind our camp, kicking around soccer balls, picking up sticks and (sigh) playing "bartender." For some reason, he was fascinated with our six-pack of empty beer bottles. He kept lining them up on the bench. Logan got in on the action, too.

I swear he's just trying to make a sound by blowing on the bottle in this photo.

Sunsets on Lake Michigan are incredible, and we enjoyed them very much. It's so neat, because people actually bring their camp chairs out to the beach and sit there quietly watching as if it's a movie. One night we watched and people actually applauded when the sun dipped below the horizon. What a moment!

Here are a few sunset shots.

Me and Logan at sunset. Pardon my camp hair and makeup-free face. At least I look happy!

The rest of the time, we were just... campin'! Enjoying spectacular campfires and each other's company. It was very nice and relaxing and fun. I adore my husband and both my boys so much, and getting to spend quality time with them like that is priceless.

I'm such a lucky girl!


Mellissa said...

I love the picture of the boys swinging in the sunset. So cool!