Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Staycation

Most years, we don't travel for the Fourth of July. It's just easier to stay home, since all the places we would travel tend to be jam-packed with idiots.

This year, we spent the long weekend at home, just hanging out in the heat. Well, except for Saturday. Somehow I conned Hubby into letting me go see Eclipse. Actually, no conning was involved, I just had to tolerate some major eye rolling! I liked it, but it wasn't as good as the first two (same goes for the book) and I can't wait for Breaking Dawn, which was the best of the books and will hopefully be the best of the movies! I hear it will be in 2 parts.

Logan and I made homemade lemonade. We squeezed a lot of lemons! It was tasty but I'm not sure it was worth all the effort, really, for what we got out of it. That's sad to say, isn't it?

Popsicles were consumed in mass quantity, sometimes two at a time.

Since it was so darn hot, we spent a lot of time in the back yard, playing in kiddie pools and the sprinkler.

We also took a dip in the neighbor's big pool and on Monday, went to the gym to the Splash Pad spray park. Oh my goodness did the boys have a blast! It was Jordan's first time there and he was just splashing and dancing and giggling and hugging other kids. Pure joy!

A little video of Jordan tearing up the Splash Pad

All real men drive their John Deeres naked, right?

Here's me, all Little House on the Prairie or whatever.


We went to an outdoor church service on Sunday (a nest of barn swallows, a renegade mouse running through the crowd, car alarms, wind and screaming babies made for a really interesting time) and then had plans to go to the parade in North Branch. The heat got the best of Jordan, though, and he became hysterical so I put him down for a nap and Hubby stayed home with him. Logan and I went alone. It was fun, but hot!

Hubby had braved 8 Mile (yep, the one from the Eminem movie) to get some fireworks to do in our back yard, so we rationed those out over the weekend. Most were pretty lame. A couple of them were cool. We just figured we couldn't keep the baby out late enough to go to real fireworks. That would have been a mess. So we did these ones for Logan and he thought they were cool.

"I'm the king of New York!" (AKA the Statue of Liberty!)

A backyard toad hopped along and got in on the action. Yes, I put him in the garden before we lit the fireworks!

On Monday evening, just before dinnertime, Hubby came home from the gym and said "Grave Digger (the Monster Jam monster truck, for those of you who don't know) is up at Advanced Auto Parts." Well, color me redneck! The boys and I hopped out of the kiddie pool, threw on some clothes and we buzzed up there, arriving just in time before they closed up, so we got to see the "Grave Digger Experience."

I'm not quite sure who had the bigger smile when sitting in the driver's seat, Hubby or Logan.

The race champion throne

It was a cool thing for Logan to see, even though he pretended he didn't think it was cool, because he is really into Monster Jam. (By the way, what is UP with this whole "I can't show emotion when I'm excited" thing? It's SO annoying!!!!) He had to come home and play with his Grave Digger toy.

So, yeah, aside from the heat, which rendered the baby quite miserable and all of us but Logan unable to sleep at night, it was a very nice staycation with my guys!


Tina said...

I love being able to stay home and find fun things to do as a family. It looks like you all had a great time.

I'm going to see Eclipse tonight. I can't wait for it. I really wish she would write more Twilight books. The ending of Breaking Dawn was left a little open to where she could and you would think she would want that money.