Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mad at the world

Have you ever had one of those days when you're mad at the world? Something isn't going right in your life and you just want to rage at anyone and anything that gets in your way? One of those days when you need "leave me alone" or "go away" or "DANGER" tattooed to your forehead?

I think we all have those days.

Well, Jordan had one yesterday. The poor kid is cutting an eyetooth (I think that's what it's called. One of the pointy ones.) and it's making him miserable.

So, he whined and cried all day and I did what I could to keep him as comfortable as possible but really, the only thing that makes him feel better is sleeping. He took a good long nap, but woke up screaming and as he howled in my lap, I could see the white bump where the tooth will erupt. I felt so bad for him.

A while after that, he was charging around the kitchen like a little bull, literally kicking anything that got in his way, and if kicking didn't help, he'd pick it up and throw it. It was a bona fide temper tantrum. He just wanted to hurt things because he was hurting. It was kind of sad, but kind of funny.

So, I was at the stove making dinner and he was playing under the kitchen table. I had given him a tall sippy cup of chocolate milk because he hadn't had much of anything to eat all day, and I kept hearing him make this odd squealing noise, then I'd hear "thump thump thump." Over and over again, squeals and thumps. Finally, I peeked at him and realized he was now taking out his anger on his sippy cup. He'd bite it and squeal and then throw it. Over and over again.

I grabbed the camera and filmed him for a couple minutes. Then he headed to the open cupboard and pulled out a glass dish, so I had to intervene before he broke all my dishes!

Anyway, maybe it will give you a chuckle, too. Here he is, taking out his aggression on an innocent sippy cup.