Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh, George!

Jordan looks like my Papa George.

I saw it in him long before anyone else did. Then I asked to see some baby pics of my grandpa, and people would look at them and say "oh, yeah, I see it now."

Now he makes this goofy face all the time. It looks exactly like a goofy face I've seen my papa make over the years. We call it the "George face."

I cracked up the first time he did it, because I had this old photo of Papa George making the face in a photo album. (Sorry my scanner quality really stinks!) I had to go look at the photo immediately, which just made me laugh even harder.

Now I can sometimes even get Jordan to do it on demand. All I say is "Jordan, do George!" If he's in the mood, he'll do it!

So, without further ado, here is the George face:

I copied a couple of the photos of Jordan as well as the one of Papa and I sent it to Papa George up north, and he got a real kick out of it. Then he had Grandma take a photo of him making the face and sitting with his arms behind his head, which is something Jordan does a lot. He wrote a little note and sent it to Jordan:

To Jordan from Great PaPa George,
I look just like you!
You look just like me!
Together we do look good
Great Papa Geo.

and here's the photo he sent: (again, pardon the scanner quality)

My mom jokes that we should have spelled Jordan's name "Geordan" because he's such a little George. He's even got the body type of that side of the family (Short, stumpy legs).

Anyway, I think it's cute that we have a little Papa George running around. I wish they got to see each other more, though!