Friday, July 30, 2010

One moment

It's been a crazy few weeks getting the house ready and dealing with the garage sale and aftermath and whatnot. I have NOT been the best mom. I have, however, TRIED to eke out a few moments of fun here and there with the kids. We need more, though.

However, this week, there was this one special moment. It was in those stretchable hours right before Hubby gets home from work. The ones when I'm totally worn out and ready for a reprieve. I had the boys out back and we were playing on the swingset and climbing in a tree.

At one moment, Jordan, with the sun at his back, shining through his ducky fuzz hair, ran toward me squealing with pure delight and it made my heart soar. I quickly raised the camera and snapped a photo. These ones almost never come out. He usually runs too fast, but I got sort of lucky this time and every time I look at this photo for the rest of my life, I'll remember this one moment of joy, with my tiny boy running toward me, so happy.

I love these kids so much it hurts.

This post was inspired by Soulemama's weekly "this moment" post. Head over there and check her out.


Tina said...

I hope this comment will work...

But you are an amazing mom! Right now you are taking care of things that need to be done for your family and there is nothing wrong with that. You are still loving those boys and they know it.

Beautiful picture!

Tina said...

Yay! It worked!