Friday, March 5, 2010

A fluffy lamb day

Logan came home from school on Monday (March 1) talking about how it was a "lamb day."

It took me a few minutes to realize they were learning about the whole "In like a lion, out like a lamb" saying about March in preschool.

We've had a few great lamb days in Michigan this week. Milder temps--high 30s and maybe even some low 40s (I really do need to replace the batteries in my outdoor thermometer, or maybe invest in an old-school one that doesn't take batteries.) Sunny days. The kind of days that convince you spring is actually coming.

Of course, the preschool teacher reminded me this morning that for the past couple years, March has been the month with the heaviest snowfall in Michigan, and I'm thinking back to the year Logan was born, 2005, and the week he was born (the very last week of April) when we got eight inches of snow, so I know we're definitely not in the clear yet.

Still, I really appreciate lamb days like today. Even if there is still snow. I'm planning to take the boys out for some fresh air at some point today. How could I not? It's totally gorgeous out!

I had my cloth diapers soaking in the washer overnight, and finished the wash cycle this morning, then thought why not put them outside? I hear the sun works miracles on cloth diaper stains, plus I like sun-drying our clothes.

Well, I didn't want to slush through the snow to the clothes line, so I just put the drying rack on the deck in the small path we had shoveled to the grill from the back kitchen door. (Yes, we grill through the winter. Even in deep snow.) It JUST fit all the diapers and wipes on it.

So, here's my sunning fluff.

Hey! What are my diapers doing out there? I wanna go outside too!

Hope you have a nice, sunny fluffy lamb day today!


Shanilie said...

haha CUTE! Love the pics. It reminds me, I REALLY need a drying rack for on my deck. There may still be snow on the ground, but the sun has been shining so bright. Plus my cloth diapers really need it.

Mellissa said...

That little tush is too darn cute!