Friday, March 5, 2010

Winter sports

Well, I've never been skiing and I haven't ice skated in a really long time, but I live in Michigan and if you don't do ANY winter sports, the winter can be pretty boring.

I would love to go winter camping some time. I've only been backpacking once, on Easter one year, when we woke up to snowfall. That was actually pretty neat.

I'd also like to try ice climbing one day. Hubby and I went up to Munising for the Ice Fest and watched it a few years ago. Kind of neat. These are natural ice falls along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and people climb them. Kind of scary, especially when the ice has been climbed a lot and huge chunks of it are falling!

That's the year we tried dogsledding, too. Kind of different. Kind of fun. Kind of gross (the dogs had major poop issues!)

And, of course, there's always snowshoeing. That's my favorite. Basically hiking through the woods, just with weird things on your feet.

Anyway, I'm pretty much done with winter until November or so, but I just thought I'd remind myself that it's not all bad so I don't get discouraged when it snows some more!