Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Less-wordy Wednesday: Nature Center

Yesterday we wanted to get some sunshine and fresh air and enjoy the warm temperatures, so we headed out to Dryden to Seven Ponds Nature Center.

The boys had a lot of fun looking at the squirrels and birds at the observation window. I love this photo. It made me want to fill up the bird feeders at home so we can watch birds and squirrels here, too.

Jordan thought the honeybees were really cool.

They had fun exploring things like the crawl-through beaver dam and checking out antlers and pelts on the Touch Table.

We went on a short woods walk and looked for signs of spring. We saw buds on trees and skunk cabbage pushing up through the muck in the swampy areas.

Logan in the woods, playing with his plastic frogs

We also saw a lot of animal tracks.
White-tail deer, wild turkey and boy (Logan)

The naturalist in the nature center also brought out a painted turtle and a salamander for the boys to see, and she let them watch her feed a worm to a snake. Cool! It was a nice afternoon. We love Seven Ponds and will be going back over and over again.


Brooke said...

Looks like a great day seeing cool stuff and getting OUT of the house. Glad the snow is almost gone here...
Love the tracks photo